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How To Decoupage a Dresser. Converting chest of drawers.

Many homes have unwanted items of furniture: chests of drawers, cabinets, doors, tables, or table. Over time, things lose their luster and become shabby, boring and ugly. Especially in order to refresh the usual things, there exists a technique like decoupage furniture.

What furniture is ideally suited for this? In principle, any but the best effect is achieved on a small interior, so the decoupage dresser - what you need. After all, if something is too large, the work would take too much time, and a pleasant, creative exercise risks becoming somewhat tedious.

Decoupage chest with his hands >> tools and materials needed for work

* Decorative sticker
* Chest of drawers
* Acrylic paint white and green and purple
* Decoupage glue
* Green satin ribbon
* Green fabric
* Thick, medium and fine brush
* Paper cutter

 Decoupage Furniture >> transformation of an old chest of drawers the progress of work >>

1. Paint locker outside the white, dismiss the side for a while, you need to let it dry. The internal surface of the boxes are covered by green paint.

2. After a couple of hours, where previously painted surfaces are ready to start the next phase of decoupage dresser, we cover everything that has been painted white, purple paint.
3. We are waiting for another couple of hours and clean the surface covered with colors filetovym with sandpaper. Most chests of drawers made of pine, so the product should appear characteristic white streaks, and very beautiful.
4. The main element of which is used to perform the decoupage dresser is a sticker of any shape, size, which, like shape, you can pick up at its discretion. Label is removed from the substrate and bonded to the chest in the correct sequence.
5. The joints are cut with a knife drawer for the paper.
6. Cuts out from the green tissue three boxes corresponding to the size of the bottom drawers.
7. Promazyvayut the bottom of each box for decoupage glue.
8. We make green boxes with satin ribbons on the perimeter. To consolidate the satin ribbon is used sticky "spider" and iron.
9. Preparations of green tissue, resulting from the step number 8, is pasted on the bottom drawer, which must first be fluff decoupage glue. Protruding and jagged edges should be carefully smooth.

Decoupage dresser is over! Now you can enjoy a job well done.
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