понедельник, 12 марта 2012 г.

How To Decoupage a Dresser. Converting chest of drawers.

Many homes have unwanted items of furniture: chests of drawers, cabinets, doors, tables, or table. Over time, things lose their luster and become shabby, boring and ugly. Especially in order to refresh the usual things, there exists a technique like decoupage furniture.

What furniture is ideally suited for this? In principle, any but the best effect is achieved on a small interior, so the decoupage dresser - what you need. After all, if something is too large, the work would take too much time, and a pleasant, creative exercise risks becoming somewhat tedious.

Decoupage chest with his hands >> tools and materials needed for work

* Decorative sticker
* Chest of drawers
* Acrylic paint white and green and purple
* Decoupage glue
* Green satin ribbon
* Green fabric
* Thick, medium and fine brush
* Paper cutter