понедельник, 12 марта 2012 г.

How To Decoupage a Dresser. Converting chest of drawers.

Many homes have unwanted items of furniture: chests of drawers, cabinets, doors, tables, or table. Over time, things lose their luster and become shabby, boring and ugly. Especially in order to refresh the usual things, there exists a technique like decoupage furniture.

What furniture is ideally suited for this? In principle, any but the best effect is achieved on a small interior, so the decoupage dresser - what you need. After all, if something is too large, the work would take too much time, and a pleasant, creative exercise risks becoming somewhat tedious.

Decoupage chest with his hands >> tools and materials needed for work

* Decorative sticker
* Chest of drawers
* Acrylic paint white and green and purple
* Decoupage glue
* Green satin ribbon
* Green fabric
* Thick, medium and fine brush
* Paper cutter

пятница, 21 января 2011 г.

Diy sofa

Here are some more pics of the sofa. I'll get some disassembled photos when I get a chance. The ability for it to breakdown in pieces makes it a little easier to move. Its still a bit heavy, the design could use some tweaking to make it a little more lightweight. I wanted to make sure it would last quite awhile. Kind of like that coffee table. The upholstery is from Knoll and does have recycled content, and the mdf is of course nothing but sawdust, so I was trying to keep 'green' in mind as best I could at the time. I did detailed drawings that even laid out all the cuts to reduce the material and waste. That worked out very well. The seat straps are elastic. The frame is hardwood. I got all the foam precut, and then had an upholstery place glue it down and finish the upholstery. Turned out pretty well and is comfortable considering the shape. Its very deep, deep sofas are more comfy and makes it good to kick your feet up and relax. Sits four easily, or even two people laying side by side with the depth. Hope you enjoy, many people have seen it or sat on it, seems to be a crowd pleaser. If you can't find anything you like or can afford, make it yourself!


среда, 15 декабря 2010 г.

$5 Dollar Burglar Alarm

I'm going to show you how to make a burglar alarm for under $5 bucks, and a few household items!

1 clothespin
3 regular size rubber bands
1 jumbo paper clip
3 regular size paper clip
1 push pin thumbtack
1 AA battery
1 peice of thread or kite string *6 to 8 inches*
1 spare piece of thin cardboard
An aluminum pie pan

The only thing l paid for was this

"AA" Battery Holder from Radio Shack (270-401A) $0.99
3VDC Mini Buzzer from Radio Shack (273-053A) $3.49

if you do not see the video - link